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pic_9_prod.gif - 88579 Bytes Passons manufactures fine quality stainless steel and plastic wire cloth. When you place an order for the particular wire mesh you need, the cloth is pulled from stock, rolled out, then personally and carefully cut to fit your particular specifications.

Pictured at left is 300 feet of wire that has been rolled out upon a request or an order. (Insets from top) Our skilled professional carefully cuts the wire cloth between mesh to meet the precise specifications of the order. Then the newly cut wire undergoes an exact process of edge preparation of a spiral seam for a dandy roll.

Finally, the wire cloth is ready to roll for shipment. We will fill your wire or plastic cloth order as soon as possible to reduce or prevent downtime.

Stainless Steel Wire Cloth

Mesh Warp Diameter Shute Diameter
#10/10 .0245" .025"
#14/14 .0205" .0205"
#20/20 .017" .017"
#22/24 Flat Warp .013 X .018" .017"
#24/24 .015" .015"
#24/18 Cable .007 X .021" .017"
#30/28 .012" .0125"
#32/32 .012" .012"
#35/32 .0105" .011"
#40/36 .0105" .0105"
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