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pic2_loom2.gif - 59546 Bytes With a state of the art facility and a highly trained staff of professionals, Passons can offer the ultimate in dependability for paper making machine clothing. Our commitment is to produce only high grade stainless steel and plastic wire cloth designed to meet extreme performance objectives.

We design customized wires for any and all of your production needs. Passons' wire cloths are manufactured on the German-made Jager wire weaving machine known for its precision. This machine is the result of over 125 years of modernization and perfection.

You can rely on Passons to use the finest grades of stainless steel and alloys to cover everything from dandy rolls and cylinder moulds to savealls, thickeners and washers.

We also provide an expert crew who can install winding wire and face wires on your washers. Passons' attention to detail assures the manufacturing of our products to exacting tolerance for your machines and equipment.

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