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paulhpassons.gif - 44567 Bytes For over 40 years, Paul H. Passons, president of Passons Specialized Services, Inc., has dedicated his work to the demanding and diversified needs of the paper making industry.

Using Jager looms from Germany, Passons Specialized Services, Inc. manufactures quality stainless steel wire cloth as well as plastic wire cloth. Passons specializes in covering cylinder moulds, dandy rolls, savealls, thickeners, washers and other items for use in the paper making industry. We also have a full crew to recover washers in pulp mills, including the installation of round or D-shape winding wire.

Dependability is the key word for you to remember when you remember Passons. Adhering to traditional values of quality and ethics while serving the needs of our customers is the basic philosophy of Passons Specialized Services, Inc.

At Passons your need is our number one priority.

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